Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School and NAGC Webinar Wednesdays!

With most schools back in session I thought I'd give the blog entry a go again. Hope everyone is having a great school year so far...I know it is early days so perhaps you are cautiously optimistic. When I heard that phrase from a fellow parent of gifted children, I felt, yes that explains what I was feeling last year when my son skipped 2nd grade and went into a regular third grade class. This year I'm feeling a bit more optimistic for my son's placement (he is in a self contained gifted glass for 3rd/4th graders). He has a teacher who "gets" gifted kids and there are kids in there who are like him. I'm hoping for the best.

Ok, now on to the NAGC Wednesday Webinar information. The National Association of Gifted Children is having FREE, that's right!, free webinars on various topics until December of this year. They are open for members and nonmembers and you just register on their website ( two weeks or so before the event. The parent centered webinars are once a month, but you can also register for ones that are for teachers and administrators.

The first parent night is Wed., Sept. 15th at 7:00-8:00. The expert who will be running it is Robin Schader, who is the NAGC's Parent Resource Advisor. The topic is Back to School, Back to Gifted Ups and Downs.

I've registered for that one and I'll be happy to share any pearls of wisdom (yes that is my Dad's phrase) after the event.

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  1. Hi Mom2two, very informative and concisely written. When you do a blog here you could do a blog-notify on your facebook page. You might pick up some readers that way.

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