Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Poem to Celebrate National Poetry Month

My apologies for not posting a blog in so long.  I guess my new job, family obligations, and not having the energy or muse caused the delay.  A few days ago while watching Nick Jr., I heard that April was National Poetry Month.  Who knew that television with all its vices could be a muse?  So we can thank Nick Jr. for inspiring me to post again, not the expected places like the public library or my children's schools.  Why don't they publicise National Poetry Month?  You would think they would as they are places where children and adults read and learn.  Well perhaps the poem I'm going to share will give you some idea on why that may be the case. 
I believe that poems are truly an artform and for gifted children who don't particulary like to write, like my eleven yr. old son, they can be a great creative outlet for their passions, wide vocabulary and thoughts, without the agonizing brain can't keep up with the hand issue that some kids have.
So here is the poem that was written by Jim Bourey, my father, in March 2009.  This particular poem really spoke to me as it expressed what my oldest was going through in school, how public education has changed toward standardization, and how education in general can change children. I did provide a link to it in a previous blog post, but I wanted to share it again and with my father's permission, here it is.

They grow so fast say the old folks
As they watch the children doing childlike
Things like making their toys talk and imagining
Worlds without boundaries.
Children going on like it’s a forever
Time until they sit and watch.

But then it’s off to school and crowds of
Boys and girls pushed into brick and stone
Buildings constructed by big people who
Have forgotten those unbound worlds who
Want imagination directed into narrow halls and
Square rooms all the same.

It’s a hard job bringing all those children
Into line and meeting goals set by other
Big people who have forgotten the ways
Of real learning and imagination and who have
Forgotten how to reach and teach and truly
Inspire. But progress is its own reward they
Say and standards must be standardized
And circles must be filled properly or
You won’t count at all or worse you won’t be
Measured ‘til you fill that circle.

But there in your child’s mind you find new
Things to look at and see in new ways and there
Are no circles to fill or boxes in which to fit. Knowledge
Comes from stars and atoms and books not on
The list made up by big people who have
Forgotten. Toys teach ways of assembling and
Disassembling worlds and constructs of imagining
Sneak their way into the narrow halls and square rooms.

And brothers and sisters teach each other and
If kindness can be shared by parents and those few
Big people who remember the imagining and who
Aren’t pushed into narrow halls and square rooms
But live in the world and watch the children and
Understand the unbound worlds, then some children
Will grow slower but wiser with thinking minds and
Real ideas, not repeats of old shows so wrong and
Often rotten from the start.

So the old folks watch the children and know
That they grow so fast and wish that it wasn’t so.

My father has written many poems through the years, some of which you can read on one of  his blogs (  and he has recently gotten some published in an anthology of poetry titled Said & Unsaid:  A Collection of Poets Volume I which you can check out at the following link:
I'll try and post new poems during the month to celebrate the imagination and creativity of children and adults alike. 

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  1. Thank you Monica. Nicely said and I appreciate you using the poem and sharing the links.

  2. Is this still an active group? I tried to reach you through facebook but haven't had a reply. I'd really like to get involved on behalf of my gifted son.

  3. Hi Morgan,
    Thank you for your interest. Yes, we are still an active group and we'd love to have you involved! I'm not sure why I haven't seen a facebook message from you. If you want to send me an e-mail at then I can correspond with you to get you on our facebook group and give you more information.

  4. Hello Monica,
    I am a student at UCF in the Gifted Education Certification program and I need some help on an assignment. I need to interview a parent of a gifted student to see how their school's gifted programming has helped their student. I was wondering if you will be willing to take the survey I've prepared. It's really short, it'll help me out a lot. If you know of any other parents that can help me out that would be great. The interview can be found at:
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  5. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for your comment. I will check it out and share on our face book group.