Friday, March 20, 2009

Additional information on March 17th meeting

Since the podcast was up from the meeting I decided to take a listen for my AMEN (which I faintly heard) as well as get more information on the direct comments made about gifted children so I can share them with you. Let me again say how pleased I was for the postive and thoughtful comments made by the educators in the room.

Mike Owens, Associate Secretary of Education, mentioned that we should make sure that gifted students (who get 4's or 5's on the DSTP) are still challenged and engaged in school.

Courtney Fox, Delaware's teacher of the year for 2008, commented that one of the barriers facing the progress of gifted education could be some schools' reluctance to loose higher end students for testing reasons. It also sounded like she was saying that these students should be recognized along with those in special education. (This idea is not new as people in PA and other states with Gifted Individual Education Programs already know.) Please feel free to go to to check out the podcast to which I'm referring.

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