Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have always enjoyed reading poetry (although not always understood all of the poems I've read) and had a chance to write some different types in high school for English class. My son really got into a poetry unit (learning some different styles) in his gifted pull out class and even presented us with a folder of all the poems he wrote which I'll be keeping for sure. He is into reading Jack Perlutsky and Shel Silverstein (which I highly recommend) as a result of his exposure to poetry in that 2 hour a week class. I remember a few years ago I tried to get him to read poetry and he wouldn't do it...not sure why really...perhaps it was because "mom" was suggesting it.
My husband and dad both write and have written poetry. My dad has written some recently and has been doing more since becoming retired. I'd like to direct you to a poem he wrote yesterday and posted on his blog. You can read it at It really does a great job of expressing how I've been feeling lately which is nice so I don't have to write more than I have to.
Thank you Dad,

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